The package countries is now on CRAN


After a year of development, I am happy to annouce that my package can now be downloaded directly from R’s official repository. And it has some cool new functionalities!

Francesco S. Bellelli

In practical terms, it means that you can now download and load the package countries simply with the commands:

This official release also coincides with some major additions to the package. For example, the function country_info allows to download information from the countries REST API and the function quick_map makes it super easy to produce country chloropleth maps thanks to fuzzy matching of country names. Here, have a look at how easy is to get information on which side of the road people drive in every country, and plot it on a map:

# downloading information on driving side
example_data <- country_info(fields = c("car"))

# make a map
quick_map(example_data, plot_col = "car.side")

For more information on the package and the new functionalities, consult the website of the package.


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Bellelli (2023, Sept. 24). F.S.Bellelli: The package countries is now on CRAN. Retrieved from

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